VERONICA: How did we meet?

MONI SOURIS: At your going away party. We instantly fell in love. You and Nate moved to the city, right next door to Hans and I. We grew old together. Made home made tortillas and laughed of our wonderful life together while taking shots of tequila.

Good Morning texts

"Well, while I'm here I'll do the work. And what's the work? To ease the pain of living. Everything else, drunken dumbshow."
-Allen Ginsberg

"The heart of another is a dark forest, always, no matter how close it has been to one's own." -Willa Cather

"It's the random starless nights when I miss her the most. When nothing shines from above. Nights that seize to illuminate my soul."
-Javi Paz


A tribute to my big sis. For always holding me up when I was down. Thank you for being such a great big sis and teaching me to be the fashionista that I am. I remember the day when dad bought you those black thigh high suede boots, oh was I jealous. Or the day you came home from school wearing that Bongo green and black striped skirt with the perfect hat. (such a classic 80's girl you were) I also remember getting in trouble for wearing your clothes without asking. But honestly, it was so worth it!!! To be the best dressed in elementary...I have you to thank! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTINA!!! Love you.


Petey is just waiting for his owner to finish his coffee at Farm Table. My favorite coffee spot. (Post @ Leavenworth) I couldn't help but think of GG & JG.

Mex and the City

1. Sickest way of putting these two fonts together.
2. The image itself is genius.
3. Who doesn't love mexicans?
4. I am devoted to making this blog famous.
5. Ruby.

Check it out: Mex and the City

YYY's, dedicated to my mouseketeers.

My Dopple Ganger

My nephew Jonah. He lives for The Beatles, ACDC and apparently looking mousy.

nothing wrong with that though!!!


Baby fashionista in training, my niece Rebekah Rose. Every year for christmas it's tradition I buy her new shoes. This is the photo she sent me of her modeling her new pink vans. Remind you of anybody?Moni Souris in training wheels...killin it down to my boots and the lady like folded hands.
PS...both shots taken by the same photographer. I guess we both owe our stellar poses to my sister, RRR's mom. xoxo

The Sartorialist and Food Network Mag.

Thanks to Barba de Chivo, I came home to this.... The Sartorialist and dinner! I can't put the book down! The sickest fashion ever!!! Food Network mag was a gift to my BF for the holidays (and now me!!!). Tonight's smoked turkey and black-eyed peas salad was so good I ran for seconds. I felt a little guilty I didn't leave much for lunch :(

Sunday brunch...

Even though I am a day late on posting this little guy I had to do it. Sunday is a day for fashionistas to rest and feast!!! When I arrived to Foreign Cinema for brunch (best brunch in San Francisco, if you are a die hard for bacon) I was welcomed by this guy, Humberto. He drank more than I did and passed out first. Although he was good company....

Can't go a day without

mastering Bradley Hand...

& serious cuffs with vintage kicks.

My passions...

Bull Fights & WarholJavi & Jim Morrison
My Piano & plaid

Pronounced, Monee Suri

2010...I will begin to give you a little something about me, Moni Souris. Not to be mistaken for a dinosaur, I am a mouse. A french one at that. This song brings me joy every morning. Reminds me that life and love is oh so good.