Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (live)

Remembering my Uncle Robert driving me around in his CRX listening to Depeche Mode. I must have been around 6 years old or so…but I never forgot this song. Sooooo GOOD!


Welcome to my Circus themed Baby ShowerMy girls Ms. Rinchen Lama and Mrs. Lissa Moon Lacroix did such an amazing job on my baby shower. I was so overwhelmed and filled with joy, it couldn't have been any better!
They did every last little detail to sweets,
making the banner themselves,

to personalizing the bottles of beverages!!! So amazing!!!
I had the best time just mingling and thanking everyone for coming.
I thought this was a very cute idea, our wish tree. All the girls got to write a sweet little note to either us or the baby. We collected about 20 or so, all with the sweetest thoughts.
The ring leader leading us in a "guess who" baby game.
Some girls made us onesies with puffy paint. They read "Little Fashionista" "I love gays" "I love Louis" (possibly her future boytoy, my friend Nicholes son) and "baby baby baby" each one is so appropriate.
The location was the best part. It was at my favorite spot in SF, Medicine Agency Art Gallery. My dear friends John and Lissa Moon we so wonderful to have let us use the space. Thank you guys!!! I had the most amazing time pictures of goofy guests soon to come!!!

Jonny Hamachi in Iceland

My very good friend Mr. Jonny Hamachi is currently in Iceland helping out with the Lost Bird Project Please click on the link to understand exactly what the Lost Bird Project is and follow Jon and his blog to see the awesome adventure these guys are on! Believe me its so inspiring to see Jon's live footage...