Rinchen: how did you guys meet
blog world?
me: no. when i was working at the hair salon i use to have to do their deposits and she was my wells fargo teller i always went to. we became friends thru a bullet proof glass.
Rinchen: wow

TRUE STORY! Almost ten years ago. So inspiring how this world brings people together.

A special posting for my dear friend Andrea Nina. Check out her story and amazing blog here Please help out these two little soliders.

Farm Table

I stood up to take this shot but yes that is my San Francisco homemade coffee, Verve and my favorite spot in the whole city to be, Farm Table.

a tear for Beirut

After being in a blogging draught for quite sometime...leave it to Beirut to pull me out of my funk. I have been obsessed with Beirut for some years now and every time I here his voice it brings light to my soul. Thank you Beirut.